I specialize in restoring, repair and maintenance of vintage models from the 1960s through 1979. I also buy buses, vans and campers built from 1968 through 1979...running or not.
I only work on air cooled VWs because I am passionate about them and because, in my opinion, Volkswagen makes and has made an excellent product that sustains its quality over time.

Volkswagen trained in:

General Repair

Engine Repair

Transmission Repair

Electrical Repair

Carburetor Repair

Front Axle, Steering and Alignment Repair

When I was 19, I was hired by Volkswagen in California and went through their 4 year mechanic's training program. After 10 years working as a mechanic with Volkswagen, I opened my own business and have been doing this work ever since ...over 40 years in all.

Vintage Air Cooled German Cars

Restoration, Repair and Maintenance of Vintage Volkswagens
Located at the foot of the Organ Mountains in Las Cruces, New Mexico