I came to Michael with my 1972 Westy, Nellie, after years of delays with another mechanic. I found Michael's website and gave him a call and from that first day I knew I had found the right guy.  Michael was very clear and communicative about the work that needed to be done and he laid out a plan that perfectly fit my budget and time frame. I got off the phone with a huge sigh of relief. Every step of the way Michael contacted me to give me updates and to get my approval. He also made suggestions on body work and other non-engine repairs that I should tend to. It was always clear that he really cared about the quality of work and would take extra steps that other mechanics would have skipped over. Because I wasn't in the state, he was very flexible about timing and payment. I really feel that not only did I get a good deal on the engine conversion but that I came away with a friend and a relationship with an honest mechanic and that's truly invaluable to me.
Robin A.- Brooklyn,  New York
The most important qualities in a mechanic are honesty, competence, and dependability. Ten years ago I purchased my 1971 bus from Michael, and during these past 10 years I have been able to see those qualities in him abundantly. He sincerely cares about the vehicles he works on and the customers he interacts with; he is both professional and personable. His skill, knowledge, and friendly attitude have helped keep me on the road not only with a sense of safety and security, but also with minimal damage to my pocketbook. There doesn't seem to be any part of older Volkswagens that he is unable to repair - from engine work to body work and everything in between. He has my complete trust and my full recommendation. If you need repair work or are looking to purchase a vintage VW, give Michael a call. You will be more than satisfied. Jesse A., Mesilla, NM

 A year ago I began my quest for a VW camper. I wanted to introduce my young children to a more exciting and memorable way of travel.  Being from Mexico City and now in California and having previously owned VW's I knew exactly what I was looking for.  When I first saw Michael's 1969 VW camper, I was impressed with the vehicle's mint condition.  I contacted him right away and  expressed my interest and wanted more details of the vehicle's history.  Michael described "Ruby" as a part of his finest work!  He offered an honest detailed account of the work, maintenance and upgrades the vehicle had received.  Given his professionalism and honesty, I made my decision instantly.  Mid-month and with only three days available in my busy week I arranged to fly into New Mexico in quest for "Ruby."  It felt like a quest for treasure!  Once I arrived Michael facilitated my exchange of ownership and departure as planned, and without any complications "RUBY"  was on her way to California!   The true treasure I discovered here is having met an individual who has true passion and integrity for his work and who cares for the safety of his customers. Michael, I'm grateful to have met you and look forward to allowing "Ruby" to search for more adventures.   Connie R., Los Angeles, CA

A few years ago I bought a '69 Volkswagen Camper from Michael.  I wanted to have some memorable experiences driving around in that VW bus.  Little did I know that just buying it and fixing it up until it was "just right" was going to be an experience in itself!  I ended up driving that bus to Austin, Chicago, and Guanajuato and San Carlos in Mexico.  Michael followed my progress and wanted to know how the bus was performing every mile of the way.  When you buy a vehicle from Michael, you get an experience and a relationship too.  That's the way it should be!  His vehicles have personalities...they are like people.  Larry S., Las Cruces NM

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