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Vintage Air Cooled German Cars

Restoration, Repair and Maintenance of Vintage Volkswagens

Phone: 575-520-1425

The Boss

Thanks to my friend, Daniel, who inspired me to build this website....

Forvarious reasons, I've always tried to do most of my own automotive service and repair. For those repairs I am unable to do myself, there are, sad to say, very few mechanics I trust. Michael is one of those few that I do trust. I have known Michael since 1999, when I first met him and ended up buying a partially restored '72 VW Camperfrom him. Although I did most of the needed maintenance and repairs myself, I relied on Michael for those repairs I could not do and was never disappointed. Michael is extremely knowledgeable about air-cooled Volkswagens, and he does conscientious, high-quality work at reasonable prices. He was also generous inoffering  advice about repairs that I had the tools and skill to perform. Thus, I recommend him to anyone looking for air-cooledVW service and parts, as well as for those looking to buy a vintage VW.
Daniel, Harrisonburg, VA & Las Cruces, NM